Draft PHASA Funding, Donations and Sponsorship Policy

Public health is currently facing some of its greatest challenges, ranging from HIV/AIDS and TB, other communicable diseases, as well as non-communicable diseases, and domestic and community violence and injury. Simultaneously, rising costs and decreasing public funds have the potential to further stress an already under resourced health system.

The Public Health Association of South Africa (PHASA) must have the financial resources to continue its role as the unique, civil society voice for public health advocacy in South Africa.   To fulfil its mission, PHASA must consider securing resources from external sources (such as  multilateral bodies, governments and their affiliated agencies or bodies, foundations, not-for-profit organizations or the corporate sector), rather than relying only on annual membership fees. While these serve as an important indication of member commitment to PHASA, they are nonetheless an insufficient source of income.

For this purpose PHASA developed a funding, donations and sponsorship policy of which the draft version can be retrieved here.

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One thought on “Draft PHASA Funding, Donations and Sponsorship Policy

  1. A very comprehensive document

    A comment -“PHASA will not accept advertising, funding, donations or sponsorship from governments or their agents which have been deemed to have committed serious human rights violations or which have been shown to discriminate against a population”. This may have to be time bound or further qualified – South Africa fell into this category in the not too distant past

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