Draft PHASA Endorsement Policy

From time to time, PHASA is approached with requests to endorse tools, statements, guidelines, programmes, or commercial products. Many non-profit and for profit organizations are producing such items that could benefit PHASA’s constituency. These requests typically come from two distinct types of organizations:

  1. Other professional, scientific or medical organizations educational bodies etc.;
  2. Commercial organizations.

PHASA’s name and reputation are valuable assets. Its value is built on the reputation the Association has gained through its achievements. In view of PHASA’s independence and objectivity, it is very important to ensure that PHASA does not either allow its name or logo to be used inappropriately. The process of endorsement should advance in the long term, public health awareness, knowledge and practices. Similarly it should not prevent the advance of knowledge by withholding support inappropriately.

For this purpose PHASA developed an endorsement policy of which the draft version can be retrieved here.

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