Month: June 2013

WFPHA newsletter May 2013

The May 2013 newsletter of the World Federation of Public Health Associations is now available online.

Inaugural meeting of the Southern African Clinical Epidemiology Association

SACEA will aim e.g. to promote the science and practice of Clinical Epidemiology, develop the scope of practice for Clinical Epidemiologists, benchmark and standardise Clinical Epidemiology education and training programmes.

Wits School of Public Health Short Courses 2013

The courses focus on the conduct of clinical trials and the detailed understanding of epidemiology of diseases in developing countries where resources are limited, coupled with statistical analyses of data collected during clinical trials.

Request for input: Operational Guidelines for PHASA subgroups

PHASA has developed guidelines for the recognition of subgroups within the association. We now ask members for their inputs.

ToR Evaluation of a Pilot: Health Services Community Based Monitoring Project

Soul City Institute seeks to appoint a service provider to conduct an evaluation of the project on the 5 pilot districts to inform scaling up the intervention and optimising its implementation in 4 additional districts.

INDEPTH Data Repository & INDEPTHStats

Both INDEPTH initiatives will be launched on the 1st of July 2013. Here you can read more about what they entail.

June 2013 issue SACEMA Quarterly

The new issue of the SACEMA Quarterly is out and is dedicated to SACEMA’s annual ‘research days’ event and other SACEMA related work.

Temporary Senior Researcher / Lecturer

To develop, teach and promote evidence-based health care (EBHC), conduct systematic reviews and relevant research, and promote the use of best evidence in healthcare policy and practice.

Experts for Health Evaluations and Program Support project for East Africa

The Axios Foundation is seeking qualified candidates and experts for an upcoming USAID funded project for the East Africa region.

NICD Data analyst

The Centre for Tuberculosis (NICD) seeks a data analyst to provide data base programming and analysis for various projects.


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