March 2013 issue SACEMA Quarterly

The SACEMA Quarterly is an online magazine produced every three months by SACEMA – the DST/NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis. The aim is to provide regular updates, articles and reviews of developments in the world of quantitative epidemiology – with particular reference to the human health in the South African scene and to advances in the fight against the twin scourges of HIV and TB. Whereas a lot of the work of SACEMA is of a highly technical and mathematical nature, the intention of the magazine is to present this work in a way that it will be accessible to the lay-person and, most importantly, to the interested health professional and policy-maker.

This issue includes the following main articles:

  1. Sputum smear-positive tuberculosis among previously treated individuals in the Western Cape Province, South Africa by Florian M. Marx 
  2. Oscillating Migration Driving HIV and TB in sub-Saharan Africa by Rod Bennett and Brian Williams
  3. Different ways to estimate the mean duration of “recent HIV infection” as measured by the BED assay by Cari van Schalkwyk 

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