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The Laboratory Services Team (LST) is a key source of support for Ministries of Health and Clinton Health Access Initiative's (CHAI's) country teams, and works to address barriers to access and foster a healthy competitive marketplace for essential diagnostic testing. LST plays the lead role in coordinating work globally on access to diagnostics, working closely with diagnostics manufacturers, governments, and multilateral organizations to lower prices, increase access to testing, and accelerate the entry and uptake of new innovative products.


The Country Support Analyst will work with LST to ensure the rapid scale-up and effective management of high-quality diagnostics for endemic diseases, focusing primarily on diagnostics for patients with tuberculosis, especially multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), and in the process become a trusted advisor to governments and CHAI country teams alike. Specifically, the Country Support Analyst will travel frequently between countries helping to optimize policies and processes to ensure access to high quality TB and MDR-TB diagnostics, and other essential diagnostics.  In addition, the Analyst will also work to ensure that countries have adopted best practices in forecasting and procurement of TB and MDR-TB diagnostics and other essential diagnostics.

The analyst must also be able to support countries in the rational deployment of conventional (centralized testing platforms) and point of care diagnostic products for TB and HIV/AIDS. The Analyst will assist countries with the adoption and implementation of new and innovative point-of-care (POC) diagnostic products. POC diagnostics bring tests out of the laboratory and closer to the patient, reducing the burden of undergoing testing, and improving access to essential tests, particularly in rural areas. Several POC products for diagnosis, disease staging, and treatment monitoring have recently become available or are in development, with the potential to dramatically increase access to treatment, improve patient retention, and make healthcare systems more efficient. However, despite the potential advantages of these new technologies, there are existing conventional systems in countries which need to continue functioning properly. LST works with high-volume, early-adopter countries to rationally deploy POC against existing conventional platforms, overcome barriers and build a healthy, competitive global market for these products, while negotiating with manufacturers to lower prices.

The Analyst will also provide analysis to support LST in global negotiations with diagnostics manufacturers, and the development of new procurement strategies such as instrument rental deals and split tenders to enable easier product switching. Finally, the Analyst will help develop LST’s market-shaping strategy for fostering competition in the global diagnostics market. In doing so, the Analyst will develop strong relationships with various teams within CHAI, as well as Ministries of Health, diagnostics manufacturers, and other external partners in beneficiary countries.

We are seeking a highly motivated individual with outstanding credentials, analytical ability, and communication skills. The Analyst must be able to function independently and flexibly and have a strong commitment to excellence. CHAI places great value on relevant personal qualities: resourcefulness, responsibility, tenacity, independence, energy, and work ethic.


  • Serve as a key advisor to CHAI country teams and in-country and global partners on the adoption of current and new TB and MDR-TB diagnostic products and their integration into existing lab networks
  • Assist Ministries of Health to build capacity to perform technical evaluations to drive regulatory approvals and ensure that new technologies perform accurately, conduct operational pilots to demonstrate the cost effectiveness and impact of new products on patient outcomes, and assist with analysis and writing of evaluation reports
  • Develop and share deployment models and strategies for how to maximize the impact of existing and new diagnostic technologies
  • Prepare impact analysis and build tools (forecasting, budgeting, work plans, etc.) to support countries activities
  • Assist Ministries of Health in the development of testing policies and national implementation plans, and the creation of operational systems to support the wide-scale implementation of new diagnostic products, such as training, quality assurance, and data management
  • Work with CHAI country teams, governments, and partners to identify funding for increased investment in new diagnostic products
  • Design and implement monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems to measure the impact of new testing technologies and assess progress against project goals
  • Assist LST to manage global supplier relationships through product demand forecasting, market analysis, sharing of market intelligence, and supporting price negotiations
  • Provide remote and in-country technical assistance to CHAI country teams and governments in support of work streams related to diagnostics


  • Minimum qualifications: Bachelor’s degree plus 2-5 years work experience
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to prepare and deliver compelling presentations
  • Strong analytical, problem solving, and quantitative skills
  • Ability to think strategically, handle ambiguity and work in a fast-paced, limited-structure, multicultural environment
  • Ability to learn on the job quickly
  • Detail-oriented with strong organization skills
  • Ability to handle multiple work streams simultaneously and work independently
  • Available for up to 50% travel
  • High level of proficiency in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word


  • Previous CHAI experience
  • Pharmaceutical / healthcare industry experience
  • Experience working in management consulting, investment banking, or similar environment
  • Experience living or working abroad, particularly in developing countries
  • Familiarity with global health issues
  • Fluency in French, Portuguese and/or Spanish

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Contact Person:      Recruitment Team

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Job Location:         Mbabane, Swaziland


Closing Date:  17 May 2013

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