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Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) is exploring ways of making a transformational impact in the nutritional status of children in high-burden countries. The work in chronic malnutrition involves development of clear country nutrition strategy through exploring potential collaborations with governments, NGO partners, donors and nutrition product and process manufacturers to develop and deploy evidence-based forms of nutrition delivery. This work will include performing an analysis of market opportunities, competitive landscape, regulatory issues and physical requirements for the product and devising a strategy for optimal product introduction and investment.

As part of initiatives in acute malnutrition, CHAI is also exploring the potential to apply its expertise in market-shaping for anti-retrovirals (ARVs) to similarly shape the global market for therapeutic food commodities.  This will include identifying key components in the production of therapeutic food products and exploring opportunities for cost-reductions with increases in scale.  CHAI will complement the existing efforts in mapping suppliers of therapeutic food products to identify local suppliers, in the public and private sectors, to manufacture high-quality, affordable products at scale.  The analysis will also identify constraints and opportunities of manufacturing at various points in the distribution chain viz, state, district and sub-district levels.

Position Overview

The Volunteer – Nutrition will be responsible for identifying and building new streams of work in the nutrition space by taking potential ideas to scale in addressing the under-nutrition problem globally. This position will work closely with members of country teams in India and Africa to understand the key barriers to scaling up nutrition interventions and will propose potential solutions that address these barriers.


  • Identify key barriers to scale-up of nutrition programs
  • Understand the market landscape for key commodities including complementary foods, therapeutic food products, and other nutritional products such as micronutrient powders and nutrition supplements
  • Supplier analysis of existing complementary foods, therapeutic food products and other nutritional products – in India as well as globally
  • Develop detailed cost models for nutrition commodities that can be taken to scale
  • Identify opportunities for cost reduction through local sourcing, input substitution, increases in scale etc.
  • Map regulatory environment for complementary foods, therapeutic foods and other nutritional products in India and other high-burden countries
  • Develop recommendations for CHAI to scale-up nutrition interventions at regional and national levels


  • A minimum of 4 years of experience in private or public sector enterprise
  • Experience developing business case analysis for new products
  • Experience in building comprehensive demand forecasts
  • Ability to solve challenging problems without extensive structural or operational support
  • Ability to adapt to fast-paced and changing environments, both internally and externally
  • Excellent business-oriented verbal, visual and written communication skills
  • Willingness to spend significant time in the field
  • Strong analytical skills and technical proficiency with Excel and PowerPoint

Preferred Level of Education: Bachelors

Minimum Years of Experience: 3+

Preferred Years of Experience: 3-4+

Contact Person:      Recruitment Team

Company Website: http://www.clintonhealthaccess.org/

Closing Date:         04/26/2013

Job Location:         New Delhi, India

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