New Book on Transforming Medical Education

A new book on transforming medical education in the developing and developed worlds—written by George R. Lueddeke, an Educational Consultant in Higher and Medical Education in the U.K and Canada—was published in April 2012.

The premise for the book is quite simple: in terms of health and social care, we need to learn to work differently in both the developed and developing worlds in this decade and beyond and that requires new approaches to training and education.

Since the book focuses on current and future issues facing medical/healthcare education in both the developed and developing worlds, it may be a useful catalyst for discussion and reference for both practitioners and  students – perhaps as a core or supplementary text for medical and nursing students.

The book certainly raises awareness about the growing importance of public and global health, primary health care and the need for greater collaboration among the developed and the developing worlds.

Several chapters in the book are concerned with developing competency-based curricula, particularly 'with a view to innovation in skill mix and clinical roles which is crucial to achieving a more efficient and flexible workforce.'

Here is a review of the book by Peter Sharp, CEO at the UK Centre for Workforce Intelligence (CfWI). 

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