Month: January 2013

Chief Executive Officer HST Gauteng

To provide leadership, secure sustainable funding, develop and execute strategic plans and organisational policies and ensure good governance of HST.

New Health Economics Unit policy brief

It discusses the following topic: Incentivising private specialists to work in the public health sector -Expanding ‘session work’ in South Africa.

Health Impact Assessment courses

IMPACT organises an on-campus (Liverpool, UK) comprehensive course and online introductory courses in Health Impact Assessment (HIA).

H3Africa Initiative – Project Manager, PhD Researcher and Research Assistant

The aim of the project is to study the genetic risk factors for body composition, which together with environmental factors contribute to susceptibility for cardiometabolic diseases.

Directory of International Grants and Fellowships in the Health Sciences

Its goal is to provide information about additional funding opportunities available to those in the field of global health research.

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Epidemiology, SATVI, UCT

To work on a project addressing the role of age and gender in risk for TB infection and disease during adolescence.

Country Support Associate

Clinton Health Access Initiative seeks excellent candidates with Management Consulting Background.

Physis Journal of Public Health

We would like to invite the members of PHASA to publish with us as we believe that despite the differences Brazil and South Africa have much in common and a lot to learn one from another.

Post Doctoral Research Fellow (Port Elizabeth)

In addition to the responsibility to publish journal articles, Post-Doctoral Fellows will contribute to the sustainable growth of the research programme.

New Book on Transforming Medical Education

The book raises awareness about the growing importance of public and global health, primary health care and the need for greater collaboration among the developed and the developing worlds.


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