PHASA Special Interest Group: Dental Public Health

On 6 September 2012, the PHASA Dental Public Health (DPH) Special Interest Group (SIG) had a meeting at the conference.

The facilitators of the DPH-SIG are:

Dr Yolanda Kolisa (Public Oral Health Specialist-University of Pretoria)

Dr Pumela Gwengu (Registrar) Public Oral Health-University of the Limpopo (Medunsa Campus) (although apology for Dr Gwengu was sent, as she could not attend the meeting)

5 messages that came out of the meeting and that the DPH-SIG would like to convey to the wider public are:

  1. The DPH – SIG takes pride in its 1st meeting which was held at the PHASA Bloemfontein conference, this despite the fact that there was only a limited number of Oral health delegates who attended the PHASA conference.
  2. The main aim of the meeting was to gather support and members for the DPH-SIG among attendees at the conference.
  3. As part of the recruitment plan it was decided that each member must go back to their respective institutions and create awareness about our existence among dentists, oral hygienists, dental therapists, dental specialists and dental auxiliaries. Small meetings are encouraged at the respective institutions before the large meeting at the next conference on 24-27 September 2013 in Cape Town.
  4. Dental students in attendance also expressed the intention to form a group. This was discouraged for now until the membership for the DPH increases first.
  5. A database of interested members is already compiled by Dr Yolanda Kolisa at the University of Pretoria. All new members who are joining PHASA as oral health professionals are  urged to forward their compressed professional information to Dr Yolanda Kolisa at and Dr Pumela Gwengu at


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