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Frontiers is a Swiss-based open-access academic publisher launched as a grass roots initiative by scientists in 2008. Our goal: revolutionize academic publishing by using state-of-the-art interactive web platforms, applying rigorous peer review, and upholding sound scientific principles to guide how our research is published. In just 4 years, we have demonstrated that working scientists can and should lead the way in transforming academic publishing.

Ours is not a catch-all journal mixing unrelated academic content, nor is it just a collection of any and all academic titles. Frontiers is a carefully conceived journal series, grounded in existing and emerging research communities in science, medicine,engineering and in the future also in social sciences. We have designed and refined our system to facilitate organization, integration and distillation of scientific content and better serve each research community and society as a whole. Frontiers has successfully launched journals in 12 fields (neuroscience, pharmacology, genetics, neurology, etc.), each composed of a number of specialties, and we are working with colleagues from many different disciplines to create a grassroots, researcher-driven publishing solution for the entire academic tree.

There are many unique and key features of the Frontiers system that you can read in our About pages, but the most important foundation is our world-class editorial boards. Since our inception, high-impact scientists have led the Frontiers revolution. I would like to invite you to participate in the launch of Frontiers in Public Health by registering your interest through the online application form. Here you can apply to serve on the editorial board and suggest a specialty section related to your research focus, and Frontiers will help you move your field into a new era of research publishing driven by scientists, for scientists. We look forward to launching Frontiers in Public Health with you.

All the best,

Henry Markram, Editor-in-Chief

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