Unanswered questions NHI

The National Health Insurance system is being "piloted" in 10 districts. One
of the objectives of the NHI is for the public and private sectors to work
together; something which has not been done at any kind of scale to date.

There are many unanswered questions involved in this working together,

  • how do public and private work together; what will the relationships be?
  • what will the governance structures be?
  • who will control finances?
  • what are "fair" levels of remuneration?
  • How will a win/win situation be reached without one party feeling undermined or exploited?
  • What are the possible threats to getting good working relationships?

As the policies around the NHI unfold it is important that there is one game
plan that everyone buys into and in order to get there, there should be as
much constructive debate as possible.

Let's hear about your thoughts on these questions. Also please post other
relevant questions that you have so that we can hear the voices of as many
people as possible.


Peter Barron

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