Emerging Public Health Practitioner Award

Health Systems Trust introduced an annual Emerging Public Health Practitioner Award in recognition of the best article submitted by a young and emerging public health professional for inclusion in the South African Health Review (SAHR).

Published since 1995, the SAHR provides a South African perspective on

prevailing local and international public health issues. It has rapidly    become a flagship product that is widely read, used and quoted as an    authoritative reference work in South Africa and abroad. The    publication provides a combination of detailed information on health    status and care coupled with in-depth analysis of policies and practices affecting the provision of health services, as well as insight to the degree of success that has been achieved in policy implementation.

Health Systems Trust has, as part of its 20 year celebrations, initiated an annual Emerging Public Health Practitioner Award.  The winning entry will be published in the current edition of the SAHR and the winner will receive a cash prize of R5 000. Winners will meet with senior HST staff members to discuss areas for future interaction and collaboration.

The official prize-giving ceremony will take place at the launch of the    2012 SAHR.

Open to South Africans under the age of 35, the entries will be assessed by a panel of public health experts. In addition to a well-written and comprehensive piece of work, other criteria used in the assessment process will include the following:

  • Relevance of the topic to the local and international public health community and current policy environment in South Africa
  • Scientific rigour and intellectual clarity
  • Degree of innovation and originality
  • Identification of good practices and hindrances to policy implementation
  • Possible policy implications.

Manuscripts for this year's SAHR to be submitted to editor@hst.org.za by 20 October 2012.

For more information and guidelines for submission please visit our website

Enquires should be directed to editor@hst.org.za.

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