Africa epidemiologist position at Aeras

Position summary:

The Epidemiology Manager supports epidemiological assessments in Africa for Aeras.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Provides epidemiological advice and expertise to Aeras and partners
  • Implements epidemiological activities at sites in Africa
  • Supports evaluations of TB and TB/HIV epidemiology at current and potential clinical trial sites
  • Supports evaluations of TB study activities led by other groups/organizations
  • Coordinates epidemiological efforts with TB and TB/HIV organizations, global health research centers, governmental organizations, NGOs, and other PDPs
  • Maintains and regularly updates registers of TB and TB/HIV epidemiology and site assessments at current and potential clinical trial sites
  • Coordinates outreach efforts with African institutions to keep them regularly updated on epidemiology studies efforts and outcomes
  • Supports resource mobilization activities to secure funding for epidemiology
  • Represents Aeras at appropriate scientific meetings

Reporting structure:

Reports to Director of Epidemiology and Site Feasibility & Utilization, Aeras USA office.

Qualifications and requirements:

  • MPH or Ph.D. degree in epidemiology, or more than 10 years related experience and/or training, or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Extensive background in epidemiology, preferably in neglected diseases research and/or control programs
  • Extensive public health work experience in Africa
  • Fluent in English. Ability to read/speak other African languages desirable.
  • Knowledge of TB program in South Africa and/or other African nations

Hazardous working conditions:

Travel to areas of Africa where risk of tuberculosis and other infectious diseases is high, including visits to tuberculosis treatment and diagnostic facilities.

We would like to fill the position by mid-November.

For more details contact Vicky Cardenas:

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