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Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) is an international organization that has been providing TB/HIV services in South Africa since 1999 and in Lesotho since 2006. MSF has been working in Khayelitsha, Western Cape for the last ten years, initially focusing on access to affordable and safe antiretroviral (ARV or ART) treatment, and later piloting innovative models of care. Some of our current projects include decentralization of HIV care to peripheral clinics, integration HIV and TB care, nurse-based initiation of ART and patient-centred DR-TB management.  Innovative models of care continue to be piloted in this setting. For 2011 the project is focusing on a youth adherence program, patients on 2nd line ARVs, patients failing 2nd line ARVs, long terms adverse events monitoring, clinical mentoring, the DR-TB decentralized program and others.

MSF is recruiting a research nurse to join the Male Survey and Tuberculin Skin Test (TST, or Mantoux) Self-Reading Study research teams.  The Male Survey is co-investigational between Anova Health Institute, while the TST Self-Reading Study will be conducted together with the University of Cape Town.  Both research projects will be conducted in Khayelitsha. 


The research nurse will be employed to implement the above studies in Khayelitsha clinics.  Studies will be done sequentially, with the research nurse focusing first on conducting surveys to investigate men’s preferences for accessing HIV testing and treatment in Khayelitsha.  After completion of this study, the research nurse would focus on the TST Self-Reading Study, including screening potential participants for tuberculosis, administering Mantoux tests, reading Mantoux tests after 48-72 hours, and recording participants and results.  The time period for completion of both studies is one year.

The Research Nurse must be non-judgmental, non-discriminatory, trustworthy, flexible, and empathic.


Male survey: “Towards a Male Centered model of care: understanding male preferences and barriers to HIV care in Khayelitsha, South Africa.”

  • Participate in training on conducting research according to Good Clinical Practice
  • Prepare and maintain all supplies necessary to conduct the survey in the male clinic
  • Translate the written consent form from English to Xhosa
  • Independently recruit study participants at the Khayelitsha Male Clinic
  • Explain and obtain informed written consent for patients in Xhosa or English
  • Manage the provision of an incentive and educational material for survey participation
  • Confidentially conduct a 45 question survey to eligible participants and record their responses
  • In cooperation with an Anova research assistant, ensure safe transportation of completed surveys to Anova Institute or MSF
  • Potentially participate in data entry of survey responses
  • Maintain communication on study progress with MSF, Anova, and the Male Clinic management
  • Facilitate effective support to the leading clinicians on the study
  • Conduct all research related activities according to Good Clinical Practice guidelines
  • Good communication skills, capacity to work independently, and the ability to work well within a team


TST Self-Reading Study: “Can appropriately trained patients reliably and accurately read their own TST results, and no worse than trained nurses?  A correlation study.”

  • Prepare and maintain all supplies necessary to conduct the study in a Khayelitsha clinic
  • Independently recruit pre-ART and ART patients to participate in the study
  • Explain and obtain written informed consent for patients in Xhosa or English
  • Maintain a register of study participants and study participant data
  • Maintain confidentiality of patients and study documentation
  • Screen patients for active tuberculosis using a standard TB screening tool
  • Refer patients to appropriate clinic personnel if their TB screen is positive
  • Administer tuberculin skin tests according to clinical standard of care
  • Train patients how to read their TST result with standardized training material
  • Read and record tuberculin skin tests at 48-72 hours after administration
  • Ensure blinded collection of the patient’s self recorded TST result card
  • Trace patients that are lost to follow up during their study participation
  • Manage the provision of an incentive and educational material for study participation
  • Enter data on study participants into an electronic database



  • Registration with the South African Nursing Council as an enrolled or professional nurse
  • Recognized degree or college diploma in nursing
  • Minimum of 6-12 months of research experience in a clinical setting
  • Minimum of at least 3-5 years of general nursing experience
  • Excellent organizational and computer skills including MS Word, Power Point, and Excel; ability to analyze and interpret data, and write written reports
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Ability to communicate in Xhosa and English
  • Preferred nursing and/or research experience in HIV/AIDS/TB care and treatment of adults, including the provision of ART



  • Be part of and work closely together with highly experienced HIV professionals at MSF, Anova, and UCT
  • Gain experience in a well known and professionally recognised international medical non-profit organisation
  • Salary package comparable to other not-for-profit organisations and the public sector
  • Full medical insurance coverage
  • Initial one-year contract (renewable) with a probation period of three months.

To apply, please email your CV to by 10 August 2012

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