Month: August 2012

Clinical Operations Manager

A HIV Clinical Operations Manager with excellent skills in HIV Clinical guidelines and biostatistics is sought in Durban.

Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: patients in KwaZulu-Natal have better cure rates than patients in the Eastern Cape (PETTS Cohort).

South Africa has the third highest tuberculosis (TB) and the fifth highest drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB) burden in the world. The increase of DR-TB is largely due to the HIV epidemic and the challenges that are faced with the management of the disease. KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) and the Eastern Cape (EC) have the highest burden of DR-TB cases in South Africa. During 2005-2008 the “Preserving the Effective TB Treatment Study” (PETTS) was conducted in order to determine the rate of, risk factors for and consequences of acquired resistance to second-line drugs in MDR-TB patients in the EC and KZN. The study results are presented here.

Using the Pan African Clinical Trials Registry to monitor TB-related research on the African continent

The Pan African Clinical Trials Registry (PACTR) was born out of the need to ensure that all new trials in Africa are identified and that trial information is made widely available in an open-access repository. It is a prospective clinical trials registry, which aims to increase clinical trial registration in Africa by developing awareness of the need to register trials and supporting trialists during registration. PACTR is a valuable resource to understand the clinical trial landscape throughout Africa, and provides an opportunity to monitor the conduct of clinical trials. PACTR can be used to understand the changing trial landscape, and thereby research trends, while providing users with insight on regional capacity development. As an example, an analysis is done on the tuberculosis trials that are currently being conducted.

Innovative financing for health: What are the options for South Africa?

The options for additional ‘innovative financing’ that could be considered in South Africa, covering both raising new funds and linking funds to results, are discussed here. New funds could come from: the private sector, including the mining and mobile phone industry; voluntary sources, through charities and foundations; and through further expanding health (‘sin’) levies on products such as tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy food and drinks. As in other countries, South Africa could earmark some of these additional sources for investment in interventions and research to reduce unhealthy behaviours and influence the determinants of health. South Africa could also expand innovative linking of funds to results to improve overall performance of the health sector, including mitigating the risks for non-state investment and exploring different forms of financial incentives for providers and patients. All such innovations would require rigorous monitoring and evaluation to assess whether intended benefits are achieved and to look for unintended consequences.

Public Health Specialist

Public Health Specialist for health impact assessments with regards to civil projects in rural areas (HIV, Water, etc).

PHASA and RuDASA conference update August 2012

Highlights of the upcoming conference are presented e.g. launch of RuReSA and PACASA, climate change focus, student assembly.

Post 3rd People’s Health Assembly events

Here is a brief summary of the People’s Health Movement events from mid June until mid July: International People’s Health University, National Health Assembly and People’s Health Assembly.

An evaluation of management and monitoring of persons co-infected with tuberculosis and HIV in the Western Cape (that’sit)

The integrated electronic patient management system in the that’sit database provides a single source for information critical to patient management.

We need foreign doctors to fight TB

Africa Health Placements believes that the contribution of foreign doctors is vital in South Africa’s efforts to effectively treat TB.

HIV Medical Advisor

Large organisation seeks a HIV medical advisor with excellent skills in HIV Clinical guidelines and biostatistics.


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