Less than 3 months to go before the 3rd PHA


Approximately every 5 years, the People’s Health Movement http://www.phmovement.org/ (PHM) organises a People’s Health Assembly http://www.phmovement.org/en/pha3   (PHA). This year from 6-11 July 2012, the Third People’s Health Assembly will take place at the University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa bringing health activists, civil society, academics, communities, health professionals, networks and individuals from across the world together to analyse global health and to strategise jointly towards Health for All.

The Assembly  is more than an event, it is part of an ongoing process which aims to create sustainable structures and dynamics, both within and outside the health sector, which will continue to drive coordinated action to secure universal and equitable access to health and health care in particular comprehensive primary health care as described in the Alma Ata Declaration; to address social determinants of health and in particular the growing inequity within and between nations, mostly due to the unfair economic structures. It aims to increase the capacity of civil society and health activists to engage with and intervene in the policy making process, to monitor and drive policy implementation, to ensure sustainable, equitable and accountable health systems and to build a productive dialogue on governance in health care.

The first Assembly took place in the year 2000, with more than 1500 people from over 70 different countries coming together in Bangladesh as a global reaction to the failure in realising Health for All. This Assembly was preceded by community mobilisation and actions worldwide. The voices emerging from this Assembly, together with the spirit of solidarity and coordinated action towards positive change led to the development of the People’s Charter for Health and the formation of the People’s Health Movement . The People’s Charter for Health is now translated in over 40 languages and used worldwide as an advocacy tool to achieve Health for All. 

The Second PHA held in Ecuador, drew in over 1400 health activists in a gathering which revitalised and inspired continuation of the movement and the struggle for better health. Now PHM is in full preparation for PHA3! Across the world, people are gathering testimonies, success stories and violations of the right to health, with the aim of strengthening the movement and action towards equity and health for all.

The main themes of the assembly are ‘The Global Political and Economic context of health’, ‘Social and Physical Environments that destroy or promote health’, ‘Universal coverage and equity in comprehensive and integrated health systems’ and ‘Beyond the Crisis: Mobilizing for Health for All’. 

The final draft program is online on www.phmovement.org. Each day the program will focus on analyses of global health as well on action and each session aims to contribute to the Call to Action which will be developed before and during the event and will set the direction of the movement for the coming 5 years. Organisations and networks can be part of the PHA3 through organising a workshop or session.

How to get involved?

We would encourage you to link up with health activist around the world and in your region to connect and engage with country and regional processes in the lead up to PHA3. For more information please refer to our website http://www.phmovement.org/en/pha3/pre-assembly-activities, link up with us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/PHA3.global/ and twitter (#pha3) and link up with the mobilisation processes in your region. Registration for the PHA3 is open online.

Feel free to contact the global secretariat on anneleen@phmovment.org for any further questions.

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