17th ICASA Conference 2013

The ICASA conference remains one of the most important events in the calendar of the year, contributing towards overcoming the HIV and TB epidemics that grip our region. Sub-Saharan Africa remains the most affected region with over 22 Million people living with HIV and AIDS and the highest Tuberculosis rates world-wide. Through scientific advancements in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of HIV significant progress has been made to reduce the mortality and morbidity of AIDS.

Prevention efforts have been accelerated by the progress in biomedical interventions to reduce HIV transmission. Following on the successes of the 30 years of HIV research, from the discovery of the virus to over 30 medicines registered and many prevention methods in the pipeline, public health and infectious diseases research has turned the attention to include Tuberculosis and Malaria. ICASA represents a massive opportunity for all role players from basics science researcher, clinical researcher to the drug regulatory authorities and human ethics committees to review the current state of infectious diseases research in Africa.

No conference can be relevant or complete without the engagement of the communities we serve. Their voices need to be present and heard to ensure that scientific research is translated to the leadership in our countries by those most affected by the public health emergencies leading to widespread death and misery. The people of Africa, who's hearts beat as one to produce a penetrating pulse in the ground to send the message to world not to give up the fight against HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria just when success has become palpable. International resources assigned to the improvement of health in resource poor settings, both for social improvement and economic growth, will continue to enhance the region's ability for economic growth, contributing to the global recovery.

With rising tensions created by the international financial crisis and political change impacting the world and Africa, an increased effort is required to maintain the international leadership for a reduction in HIV incidence targeting zero new infections, and a reduction of HIV and AIDS related mortality and morbidity. Not only do we look towards the political leadership and private sector, but also wish to build on the HIV and AIDS successes to develop a community of African scientists, capable of leading the public health and research initiatives for the continent. We turn our attention on the Universities of Africa where future generations of African leaders are groomed.

ICASA aims to provide researchers with the opportunity of an international stage with the light focused on science and public health of Africa. The standards of research presented at this meeting will reflect the dawning of a new era, with proudly African scientists presenting rich and novel data and discoveries.

Online registration will be opened in June 2012. For more information: http://www.icasa2013southafrica.org/

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