2nd International Students’ Meeting on Public Health


The 2nd International Students’ Meeting on Public Health (ISMOPH 2012), hosted by the Ethiopian Medical Students’ Association (EMSA), will be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on April 21-22, 2012, two days before the World Congress on Public Health (WCPH). It is a satellite event of the 13th World Congress on Public Health, which is organized by the World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA) and hosted by the Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA).

ISMOPH is an innovative global health initiative that is organized for students in public health and the medical or health sciences by their peers all over the world. It was held for the first time in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2009 in conjunction with the 12th World Congress on Public Health, which was focused on ‘making a difference in global public health’ through education, research, and practice. Its outstanding successes are now reflected upon the collaborative organization of a second world-leading event which will be orchestrated by the joint efforts of students from Ethiopia and countries like Austria, Canada, Denmark, Kyrgyzstan, New Zealand, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Spain, Turkey, and the United States of America.

Like the World Congress, ISMOPH 2012 is focused on the theme of ‘Moving Towards Global Health Equity: Opportunities and Threats.’ ISMOPH 2012 has adopted the theme of the 13th WCPH and strategically aligned itself to its focus on global health equity and the African continent. The vision for ISMOPH 2012 is that of a truly global event and colloquium that serves as a platform for international collaboration that brings together students to study, strengthen, and advocate for global health equity, based on the realizations that health is a ‘fundamental right’ and that a ‘public health approach’ is essential to conquering the vast global burden of disease. Thus, ISMOPH 2012 strives to coordinate a student conference to analyze global health disparities and initiate partnerships to strengthen national public health systems, collaborate towards the advancement of future generations of public health professionals, and advocate for greater global health equity. This mission is based on the premise of health as a ‘fundamental right’ and a belief on the active involvement of students in all aspects of public health as essential to its success.

Any student of higher education (e.g., an individual enrolled at a college or university and pursuing an undergraduate (Bachelor’s), graduate (Master’s), or professional level (Doctoral) degree) who has a particular interest in public health and a strong will to make a contribution is welcomed to apply to participate in ISMOPH 2012. Applicants will be evaluated by a committee based on their level of training at present, past work and publications, proficiency in English, and their general potential to make contribution. Participants will be selected from throughout the world. Those applicants who have also submitted an abstract to the 13th World Congress on Public Health will have higher priority for selection. To learn more about ISMOPH 2012, please visit http://www.ismoph2012.org/. If you have any questions about ISMOPH 2012, you can contact Joyonna Gamble-George, Publicity and Promotion Coordinator for the International Organizing Committee (IOC) for ISMOPH 2012, by email.

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