Third Annual Healthcare Summit

The Healthcare Summit is a three-day event that deals with all the current issues facing the stakeholders in the healthcare industry. This year’s Summit will be held from 24-26 January 2012 in the Convention Dynamics, Islando, Johannesburg and will focus on the latest developments surrounding healthcare reform in South Africa in both private and public sectors and in particular the impact the NHI is likely to have on the industry.

Key topics being addressed:

  • The impact the NHI will have on the healthcare industry
  • How the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) affects the industry
  • The escalating cost of private healthcare
  • The pricing structure of doctors vs. those of medical schemes
  • International benchmarking of pharmaceuticals
  • The funding of hospitals and how it will improve healthcare facilities
  • Quality assurance in the healthcare industry
  • The latest fraud trends and their effect on the healthcare industry
  • Balancing technology advancements against costs

Benefits of attending

  • Hear the opinions of leading healthcare experts on the hottest topics affecting the industry
  • Engage one-on-one with key industry role players
  • Stay up to date on the latest developments on the NHI
  • Learn how the latest reforms will affect the healthcare industry
  • Attend the one event that brings all the different sectors of healthcare together under one roof

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