WHO NCDs country profiles 2011

This report provides information required by countries to assess their situation in face of the growing threat posed by non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

The country profiles presented here reveal an enormous burden on mortality and alarming rates for risk factors like tobacco smoking, physical inactivity, raised blood pressure, overweight and obesity, raised cholesterol and raised blood glucose. However, there are also signs of positive improvement in some countries where health systems have been strengthened and population strategies have been effectively applied.

The profiles also show that health-care systems for NCDs in many countries struggle to establish and maintain integrated policies and deliver a comprehensive range of essential primary care services, from promotion and prevention, to early detection and timely treatment. As a result, a large proportion of people with high NCD risk remain undiagnosed and untreated.

For South Africa NCDs are estimated to account for 29% of all deaths (11% due to cardio-vascular diseases, 7% cancers, 5% injuries, 3% respiratory diseases, 3% diabetes and 4% other NCDs). The age-standardized death rate is 733.7 per 100,000 for men and 555.2 for women. The estimated prevalence of current daily tobacco smoking is 14.0% and of physical inactivity 51.1%. The estimated prevalence of raised blood pressure is 42.2%, raised blood glucose 10.6%, overweight 65.4%, obesity 31.1%, and raised cholesterol 34.0%. South Africa scores positive on all indicators that measure the countries capacity to address and respond to NCDs.

The report can be accessed via http://www.who.int/nmh/publications/ncd_profiles_report.pdf

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