Health Promotion Foundation Workshop

A Health Promotion Foundation (HPF) Workshop was held on the 9th and 10th of November 2011 at Hill brow. The workshop was hosted by Soul City and the National Council against Smoking (NCAS). The purpose of the workshop was to alert all stakeholders of the significance of having a foundation that will oversee all health promotion activities in South Africa. A critical thinking session was held on the evening of the 9th with four panel members who were South African, Thai and Australian and it was attended by members of civil society, political parties and academics. The workshop and critical thinking session emphasized that this country needs a HPF because of the following reasons: (1) the quadruple burden of disease (non communicable diseases, communicable diseases including HIV and AIDS, violence and injuries, high infant and maternal mortality) that the country is facing; (2) the increased health costs irrespective of the emerging NHI; (3) a need to create evidence based practice for health promotion and disease prevention interventions; and (4) a need to strengthen an integrated health promotion approach which involves different sectors. The HPF will perform the following roles:

  • Oversee funding of the health promotion activities and interventions;
  • Raise funds for the health promotion and disease prevention activities;
  • Strengthen mobilization of civil society and community involvement activities by providing necessary resources, training and technical support;
  • Strengthen capacity building for health promotion activities;
  • Strengthen multisectoral collaboration; and
  • Encourage gathering of evidence for best practices in health promotion and disease prevention.

The outcome of the workshop was the establishment of a working group which will take forward the development of the Health Promotion Foundation in the coming two years with the help of government, the WHO and model countries such as Thailand and Australia (particularly the Vic-Health for the latter). Even though Soul city and NCAS were the organisers of the workshop, it was agreed upon that the working group should be formed by different stakeholders including civil society. PHASA will also be represented in the working group.

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4 thoughts on “Health Promotion Foundation Workshop

  1. Dear Maggie

    Thank you very much Maggie for your quick response in my coment i realy appreciate it….the reason why i made my coment is based on the fact that, our lectures and the school(WSU) state it very clear that they are not responsible to look for us jobs opportunities but students themselves are responsible for finding jobs….anyway thanks very much Maggie but let me know if you have found anythng concerning the job of Health promotion practitioner o any related field for that matter, my Qualification is Bsc. in Health promotion.

    1. Dear Thulani

      Please check other websites from Soul City and National Council Agaist Smoking.

      Maggie Mokonoto

  2. Dear Maggie

    I am a lecturer in the School of Health Sciences at Monash South Africa – a campus of Monash Australia. I am lecturing Health Promotion (second year Public Health students) this semester and have been involved in HP for a very long time…I’ve been working with the NCAS and Soul City in the past and would like to get involved again. I also worked in Health Promotion (Gauteng Health Department) for many years – Assistant Director).

    How can I become part of this forum and can I please subscribe to the newsletter? (subscription above didn’t work.)

    Kind regards
    Jackie Witthuhn

    1. Dear Jackie
      As far as I understand the task team or working group has enough people with health background and as you know that Health Promotion does not address health in terms of disease, illness, medication and health education only, in our last meeting it was agreed that there is a need to recruit partners from other sectors. Sectors in this regard refer to different government departments such as agriculture, education, social development, trade and industry and etc. Please take note that the HPF is still at its conceptualization stage and it will take long before we can have this new body standing on its feet.
      As for subscription to the news letter, Annette Gerritsen and Mandy Salomo can be in a position to explain the process. I am hopeful that Annette will take this further.
      Maggie Mokonoto

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