Results World Federation of Public Health Associations survey

We would like to share some results of a recent World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA) survey that will assist in understanding the relationship between local Public Health Associations and the WFPHA.

Question 1: Which of the following topics on the global health agenda are of importance for your association?

  • Health policy development 64.5%
  • Public health education 58.1%
  • Tobacco use 51.6%
  • Health service evaluation 51.6%
  • Health system reform 48.4%

Some WFPHA responses in light of the findings:

  • Health policy development
  • survey being conducted by Policy Committee Chair
  • Public Health education – Active Public Health Education Working Group
  • Tobacco use
  • Tobacco Control Working Group
  • Health service evaluation
  • The WFPHA offers, through its Secretariat, scientific and technical support to set up and lead surveys to WFPHA Members. If you need expertise and a free platform to lead health evaluation in your country, contact Dr. Marta Lomazzi
  • Health system reform – The WFPHA will provide to Members official letters related to the main new policies/statements developed to be sent to Health Ministers to boost health reforms

Working groups

The WFPHA has currently 4 active Working Groups. Please read the WG description on the website. For more information or if you wish to join one of these groups, please contact directly the correspondent Chair person: 


Take advantage of the different offers of the Federation to its Members to enlarge your network and set up fruitful synergies with other PHAs:

2) What are your expectations from the WFPHA?

  • Giving public health associations more visibility 83.9%
  • Collaborating with large international health agencies 83.9%
  • Creating common projects in public health 71.0%
  • Attending international public health meetings 61.3%
  • Forging partnerships with other national public health associations and health agencies 58.1%

More visibility

To give your PHA more visibility, the WFPHA provide different services:

Collaboration with large international health agencies

WFPHA works in close collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) to advance the field of public health. As an NGO in official relations with WHO, WFPHA has the right to:

  • appoint a representative to participate, without right of vote, in WHO's official meetings
  • access non-confidential WHO documentation; and
  • submit a memorandum to the Director-General of WHO, who determines the nature and scope of its circulation. In addition, a collaborative plan of work for 2010 – 2012 has been agreed between the two entities, which includes:
  • The planning, preparation and organization of the 13th World Congress on Public Health
  • A number of activities to support and strengthen public health education worldwide
  • Knowledge sharing through an online public health network (KM4PH)

Creating common projects

The WFPHA is running activities or will focus on the main 5 topics of the global health agenda that are of importance for our Members:

  • Health policy development
  • Public Health Education
  • Tobacco Use
  • Health service evaluation
  • Health system reform

Attending international public health meetings

The WFPHA organises a World Congress on Public Health every three years. The next one will take place in April 2012 in Ethiopia and Members could benefit from a discount rate. Moreover, the WFPHA website and Facebook group page provide always updated information about upcoming international and UN/WHO meetings

Forging partnerships

Beside the possibility of networking and establishing new synergies with other PHAs through WFPHA Facebook page, website and participation at congresses and UN/WHO, the Federation is focusing on the opening of regional offices to increase the exchange within the continent and among continents, as a first step to set up fruitful partnerships. During the 61st Session of the WHO Regional Committee for Africa, national African Public Health Associations held meetings and worked towards the formation and launch of the African Federation of Public Health Associations (AFPHA). Moreover, a secretariat of WPR Liaison Office of WFPHA has been set up in Beijing under the direction of Dr Cai Jiming.

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