Social Worker for Youth for Christ

Location: Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg, KZN

Degree Requirements: A degree in Social Work with a relevant Masters degree

  • Degree in Social Work and appropriate field experience.
  • Registered with SACSSP.
  • Computer literacy
  • Good planning and implementation skills
  • Drivers licence EB
  • Knowledge in statutory work.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication.
  • Network with state and NGO social workers.
  • Excellent leadership qualities.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Passion for young people’s development

Personal Requirements: To apply for this position you must have completed a Masters Degree or have completed 80% of your Masters Course work. South African citizenship or permanent residence is essential.

Contract: 12 months

Commencement Date: November 2011

Job Description:

To provide social and psychological services to orphans and vulnerable children as well as to their primary care givers and assist with the implementation of project activities as required.

Main Tasks

  • Evaluation and support of YFC clients (OVC and their primary care givers) who have social problems
  • Evaluation and support of YFC clients (OVC, and their primary care givers and YFC staff) with emotional and psychological problems
  • Referral of YFC clients for specialised services that the social worker cannot provide
  • Timely follow up of YFC clients to make sure that referred services have been provided
  • Provision of counselling services to learners affected and infected with HIV and AIDS
  • Render counselling and support to victims of rape and interpersonal violence
  • Assess YFC clients with suicidal ideation and offer timely counselling services
  • Offer counselling and support to learners dependent on substances (alcohol, drugs etc), refer to treatment centres for further intervention
  • Empower learners with education and skills to make informed academic choices (career guidance)
  • Facilitate OVC acquisition of social grants and other enabling documents such as Identity Cards and Birth Certificates
  • Liaise with other stakeholders to report problems faced by the population of Elandskop and Edendale areas where YFC works and assist in resolving them as efficiently as possible
  • Conduct home visits as required and do follow ups • Compilation and preparation of reports of work done
  • Work closely with the other 2 NGO partners in the programme (Community Care Project and LifeLine (PMB)
  • Attend weekly management meeting.
  • Ensure that all the necessary forms, e.g. assessment forms are filled correctly and properly before submitting them to the Data Capturer.
  • Pass any official outgoing correspondence to Tineyi for verification.
  • Report on successes and challenges monthly.
  • Attend all implementers meetings and carry out responsibilities pertaining to May’khethele programme.
    • Hold meeting with your supervisor, giving feedback and reporting on progress
    • Discuss problems, issues, plan resolution
    • Arrange formal training and skills development where necessary.
    • Facilitate Psychosocial classes in school with Facilitators
    • Facilitate all staff debriefing sessions with the help of the project manager
    • Help in siblings assessment process with the outreach team
    • Facilitate all placements of children in care centres
  1. Manage project budgeting, spending and programme reporting
    • Plan for and spend money in line with IP and PD.
    • Ensure that money spent is accounted for according to the services financial requirements/ rules. (Provide prove of purchase).
    • All cash/cheque requisition must be authorised by Tineyi or the One YFC directors.
  2. Reports Submit quantitative and narrative report. Submit monthly report on the 1st of every month A monthly report involves the following:
    • Activities
    • Indicators
    • Progress
    • Challenges faced
    • Future events
    • Statistics – Child protection, economic strengthening, general education PSS to OVC and Non OVC
    • Stories- Submit life changing stories/significant things that happened to our beneficiaries caused by the project’s intervention.
  3. Personal Development
    • Find a mentor outside of YFC to enhance your personal development.
    • Attend monthly supervision with Project Manager
  4. Spiritual developmen
    • Attend all YFC spiritual events.
    • Conduct morning devotion together with other projects once a week
    • Plan a spiritual development for your staff
    • Ensure adherence to the core values of YFC/KZN. The Core Values being:
      • Christian
      • People
      • Team
      • Integrity
      • Excellence
  5. General
    • Draw up your work schedule quarterly, use job description and year planner as guideline
    • If you are going on leave ensure that all deadlines that will fall on the date of your leave are submitted before you go.
    • Fulfil duties on the YFC Leadership role
    • Plan and participate in Youth for Christ staff camp
    • Attend all internal and external trainings.

For more information please contact: Leanne Camara PEPFAR Fellowship Programme Tel: +27 12 816 9000 / 9088 Fax: +27 086 567 0289 E-mail: or visit our website to apply online.

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