Social Worker for Mpilonhle

Location: Zululand, KwaZulu- Natal

Degree Requirements: Masters degree in Social Sciences, Mental Health, Social Work, Counselling or Clinical Psychology

Personal Requirements: To apply for this position you must have completed a Masters Degree or have completed 80% of your Masters course work. South African citizenship or permanent residence is essential.

Contract: 12 months

Commencement Date: November 2011

Job Description

To provide social and psychological services to clients- primarily adolescents- of the Mpilonhle mobile health clinics, and to assist with implementation of community development and service activities as appropriate.

Main Tasks:

  • Evaluation and support of Mpilonhle clients with social problems
  • Evaluation and support of Mpilonhle clients with emotional or psychological problems
  • Feedback to Mpilonhle counsellors and nurses who refer patients
  • Referral of clients for specialized services that the social worker/psychologist cannot provide
  • Follow- up of clients to provide services directly, and to assure that referrals have been completed
  • Provision of counselling services to learners affected and infected with HIV/AIDS
  • Counselling learners with emotional distress that presents itself through depression, anxiety and anger
  • Offer counselling and support to learners dependent on substances refer to treatment centres for further intervention
  • Empower learners with education and skills to make informed academic choices (career guidance)
  • Render counselling to victims of rape and interpersonal violence
  • Assess clients with suicidal ideation and offer counselling services
  • Assist with social grants and Mpilonhle food parcel program
  • Work closely with other NGO’s
  • Render ongoing training to counsellors on basic counselling skills
  • Liaise with other stakeholders to report problems faced by the population and assist in resolving or referring them as efficiently as possible
  • Conduct home visits as required for follow- up
  • Compilation and preparation of reports for work done
  • Assist with acquiring government grants as appropriate

For more information please contact: Leanne Camara PEPFAR Fellowship Programme Tel: +27 12 816 9000 / 9088 Fax: +27 086 567 0289 E-mail: or visit our website to apply online.

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