Psychologist for CARE South Africa

Location: East London and Polokwane

Degree Requirements: Masters degree in Counselling Psychology or Psychology

Personal Requirements: To apply for this position you must have completed a Masters Degree or have completed 80% of your Masters course work. South African citizenship or permanent residence is essential.

Contract: 12 months

Commencement Date: November 2011

Job Description

The Psychologist will be responsible for technical support to all sub partners on psychological care services for the DELL Project. He/she will work with and the DELL Project Manager , Provincial Coordinator , OVC Specialist , and staff members across the project in order to improve the quality of Psychological care services to OVC and the processes undertaken to provides such services. The Psychologist will be required to assess the quality of the current project activities, processes and staff, and develop and supervise appropriate strategies to address the psychological needs of the OVC. II.


  • Develop a comprehensive group therapy training and mentoring program for carer givers to provide psychological care services to OVC
  • Develop standards /psychological care stategies that are simplified for care givers to be able to easily provide psychological care services to OVC
  • Build the capacity of CBO’s and mentor them as they implement their psychological care program
  • Visit partners regularly with field staff and provide hands on support on psycholoical care
  • Provide supervision to trained and untrained care givers who are providing psychological and psychosocial support to OVC
  • Oversee the ongoing development , coordination ,implementation and monitoring of the psychological care program
  • Develop and implement a caring-for-the carer program to assist caregivers to deal with their psychological issues

PROBLEM SOLVING (Thinking Environment)

The Psychologist will be required to assist DELL team and partners be clear about their psychological program, and identify gaps and make recommendations


The psychologist will report to the DELL OVC Specialist on program development and performance; and also report to the Provincial Coordinator on administrative and day-to-day implementation.

For more information please contact: Leanne Camara PEPFAR Fellowship Programme Tel: +27 12 816 9000 / 9088 Fax: +27 086 567 0289 E-mail: or visit our website to apply online.

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