Third People’s Health Assembly: July 2012 Cape Town

The People’s Health Assembly (PHA) is a global event bringing together health activists from across the world to share experiences, analyse the global health situation, and develop civil society positions that promote health for all. It is an opportunity to reassess, redirect and re-inspire ourselves.

PHA3 is not just about developing our movement. It is also about impacting directly on the struggle for social justice: on health for all, on decent living conditions for all, on work in dignity for all, on equity and on environmental justice.

PHA takes place approximately every 5 years: PHA1 was held in Dhaka (Bangladesh, 2000), PHA2 in Cuenca (Ecuador, 2005). During the first PHA, the People’s Charter for Health was developed.

The Third People’s Health Assembly will take place in the second half of July 2012 in Cape Town, South Africa. Exact dates to be confirmed.


  • To build and strengthen the People’s Health Movement.
  • To generate a strategic dialogue about building our movement.
  • To strengthen links between countries and regions, across languages, between the global structures and the grassroots and with other key stakeholders and other social movements (health sector and other than the health sector).
  • To build a stronger accountability between country, regional and global structures of the movement.
  • To build on our identity and make us proud to be part of PHM and inspire us to redouble our efforts within PHM.
  • To strengthen PHM activities and our membership base, particularly in the Africa region.
  • To renew leadership, especially where it is inactive and/or grey haired.
  • To build relationships with funding partners.
  • To celebrate our strengths and accomplishments.
  • To use pre-assembly activities and mobilisation to strengthen country and regional movement building.


  • To reflect on past and future activities and on our progress and to plan and consolidate future programmes and activities of PHM to ensure these are reflective of felt needs and advance our flagship projects.
  • To revise the People’s Charter for Health as needed
  • To reflect on the structure of PHM and on the processes our organisation engages in.

PHM members from around the world are encouraged to start pre-assembly mobilisation activities leading up to the PHA3 ensuring strong local and regional positions!

Also, join the PHA3 Facebook group  and invite health activists from all over the world to be part of this group to be updated on latest developments with regards to local mobilization activities leading up to the PHA3, to share how your local PHM is preparing and to share ideas for mobilisation, testimonies and success stories!

For more information on the PHA look at our website . For more information on PHA3, feel free to contact us on or contact Anneleen De Keukelaere

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