Short courses on clinical trials in September

The Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, School of Public Health, University of the Witwatersrand offers short courses in Clinical Trials, Statistical Considerations in Clinical Trials. The courses focus on conduct of clinical trials and detailed understanding of epidemiology of diseases in developing countries, where resources are limited, coupled with statistical analyses arising from clinical trials.

Clinical Trials

Course code: COMH7220

Dates: 12 to 16 September

The module provides an introduction to the area of clinical trials focusing on conduct of clinical trials in developing countries where resources are limited. The main issues in the design, implementation and interpretation of clinical trials will be introduced to students.

In addition the module will:

  • outline the principles of comparative clinical trials in investigating safety; efficacy and effectiveness of treatments.
  • highlight strength and weaknesses of clinical trial design in direct comparison to other study designs.
  • introduce the key elements and steps in clinical trial implementation including determination of appropriate sample sizes that would give adequate power to the trial.

The key characteristics of clinical trials which includes ethical and methodological considerations, principles of clinical trial conduct, clinical trial organisation and monitoring, data collection, data processing (data management), quality assurance and quality control, and trial reporting will be comprehensively described. The role of data safety and monitoring committee (DSMB) and community advisory board (CAB) as well as good clinical practice (GCP) will be highlighted.

For whom:

  • Clinical research associates, study coordinators, or monitors working in the field who are looking for additional training.
  • Bench scientists in pharmaceutical companies who want to change careers within the industry.
  • Registered nurses who want to develop the skills to enter a new field.
  • Study coordinators who want more training in order to enter the wider clinical research associate employment market.
  • Other professionals who want to enter the field of clinical research, or who have been hired recently by academic study sites and need comprehensive training in clinical research.

Closing date for applications is 30 August 2011


Statistical considerations in clinical trials course code: COMH7207

Dates: 19 to 23 September

The School of Public Health will be hosting a 5 day short course on Statistical Consideration in Clinical Trials. The demand for properly conducted clinical trials has increased over the years, providing a reliable and objective assessment of various treatments or drugs on patients. Statistics has become an integral part of the design, data management and analysis of data arising from clinical trials. The proper use of statistics at all these various stages is important for results to be acceptable to the wider community. It is therefore apparent that there is need to match the growth in clinical trials by expansion of biostatistical expertise.


The course is a combination of lectures and hands on practical sessions. It aims to discuss in-depth the statistical issues required to execute a clinical trial and analyze data arising from such studies.

For whom

This course targets professionals working on clinical trials, intending to analyze clinical trials data and to provide statistical support in properly conducted medical research or wanting to enrich and enhance their statistical knowledge.

Closing date for applications is 30 August 2011

Contact the Short Course Administrator, Mrs Vanashree Moodley, for further details.


Tel: (011) 717-2543 Fax: (011) 717-2084

Time : 8h00-17h00 Monday to Friday.

Venue: School of Public Health Computer Laboratory, 10th floor, Medical School, 7 York Road, Parktown.

Cost: R2500 per course – Staff and students at Wits R5500 per course – Participants outside the University

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