Clinic forces HIV tests

Staff at a government clinic are forcing patients to take HIV tests and those who refuse are denied treatment for their ailment.

At the Ikhutseng Community Clinic, in Klipgat, North West, staff are illegally making treatment for any illness conditional on patients agreeing to being tested for HIV. They must take the test or go home untreated.

Clinic staff began using HIV tests as passports to treatment after the Department of Health launched its massive HIV counselling and testing campaign in April last year. The campaign was intended to result in the HIV testing of 15million people by the end of June.

After being told it was "the law" to undergo HIV tests, some panicked patients forged information on their files to show that they had been tested.

The Times accompanied a teenage girl, who wanted advice on contraception, to her first appointment at the clinic. In five hours in the queue, The Times spoke to patients who all told the same story. Some patients said they did not object to the compulsory testing because they had not been sexually active for years.

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