Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for the PHRU

Preferred starting month/year: April/ May 2011-03-14

Closing date: 31 April 2011

Job Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for the PHRU Job Description: The incumbent will be responsible for the creation of risk scorecards across all projects and on a rotational basis facilitate independant audits of the established risk areas providing reporting as to the risk climate. Furthermore, the incumbent would suggest areas of correction to the various projects within this line in conjunction with the Principle Investigators of the Projects and ensure compliance thereof. Risk management responsibilities will further include:

  • Creation of Risk Scorecards across projects for generic risk indicators and specific Rick Scorecards per project as required thereby ensuring the appropriate risk areas are checked and controlled within the PHRU.
  • Facilitation of Risk Assessments as per determined roster to ensure adequate and impartial risk assessments are completed per project.
  • Identifying Risk Areas during such audits and pro- actively mitigating these in conjunction with the respective Project Principal Investigators

Degree requirement: A medical or Clinical qualification is mandatory Location of position: Soweto, Gauteng

How to apply: To apply please email and request an application form. Upon completion of this form it can be emailed back to us together with your C.V., a copy of your identification document, copies of your qualifications, proof of registration for a Masters degree as well as police clearance. Note: The PEPFAR Fellowship Programme is only open to South African citizens and permanent residents- no exceptions can be made.

Alternatively apply online at

Please indicate clearly the exact fellowship you are applying for as well as its location.

This is a 12 month contract and you will be expected to work full- time. The Programme offers an exciting opportunity for masters’ level students and graduates to be placed with the PHRU in Soweto.

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