Conference impressions: Who? Why? What?

Who visited the 2010 conference, why, and what did they achieve there? Some impressions.

Myra Taylor

Professor and research manager, KZN Department of Public Health Medicine.

Myra TaylorMyra attends the PHASA conference in order to improve public health in South Africa: better health outcomes and decreased morbidity. ‘There is more that we could be doing and here we can get together and discuss that’. She has just attended the session on HIV and AIDS and has found the session very interesting as an overview of different types of research were presented by different groups/individuals. ‘It gives a good picture of were we are at’ she concludes. 


Stella Mashau Lecturer

Department of Public Health, University of Venda.

Stella MashauStella came to the conference to get to know other academics. She has just joined the Public Health department in University of Venda. She further wants to share her own research findings with others. Stella aspires to encourage her students to become part of PHASA, contribute to the present research agenda and motivate them to become and stay public health professionals. She has just attended the first poster session and says ‘although time is limited, luckily most of the posters are self-explanatory’.  


Ehi Igumbor

Senior lecturer Epidemiology and Health Information Systems, School of Public Health, University of the Western Cape.

Ehi IgumborEhi is a regular attendant at PHASA conferences and considers the conferences a good forum to meet colleagues, share ideas, network and promote students’ work. At the 2010 conference Ehi presented his own work and gave a workshop. The session on Injury and Violence that he has just attended he says was very interesting as young professionals presented very well conducted studies.  


Siyabonga Nzimande

Master student, School of Public Policy, Health Systems Trust

Siyabonga NzimandeSiyabonga is looking forward to gaining knowledge on the various research areas and the public health professionals conducting the research. He has just attended the session on Policy and Health Equity in which he presented his own research findings. Siyabonga says, “The session was very informative, and I especially learnt a lot from the questions that were asked to me, I now have ideas on how to improve my work.’  

Eric Maimela

Manager Epidemiology Services, Department of Health, Limpopo Province

Eric MaimelaEric says that he attends the PHASA conference in order to learn from other researchers. Further, the conference allows him to take home best practices in order to apply these to service delivery. The Communicable diseases session that he has just attended – and where he presented his own experiences – he says has given him interesting lessons regarding evidence based health care interventions that he can take home to share with the relevant authorities. 


Reshma Naik

Project Manager, Health Systems Research Unit, Medical Research Council

Reshma NaikReshma’s main reason for coming to the conference is to  present two oral papers. She has less than two years working in her current field of work and is looking forward to gaining a broader understanding of current public health research in South Africa. She further hopes that the knowledge gained assists her in determining her own future research direction. She says  of  the content of the second poster session that she just has attended,’ The poster session was reasonable, but  it was difficult to talk to the authors of the posters, as there was limited time, and afterwards they were not there anymore. 

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  1. I am a regular attender of PHASA conference, and have completed my Master in Public Health at Wits University. My interests are more on Health Policy and monitoring and Evaluation of Public health Programmes. My attendace to this conference gives me an oppotunity to enhance my reaserch knowledge and skills.

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