Month: February 2011

Healthy People – Health Environments

The environment plays a major role in disease prevention. Climate is a key determinant of health as it constrains the range of infectious diseases, while weather affects the timing and intensity of outbreaks. Impacts of climate change on health include both direct and indirect effects. Examples are presented in this article.

Tobacco control in Sub-Saharan Africa: Moving from Knowledge Discovery (research) to Policy Delivery (practice)

Although smoking rates in the African region are considered to be relatively low compared
to the more developed countries, these already translate into significant economic and health burden. Several studies have provided evidence for effectiveness of public policy interventions in reducing tobacco use. However, many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have not implemented these key provisions. The question is – what is it that prevents us from moving from scientific evidence i.e. knowledge discovery to policy delivery?

Key messages from the workshops

Eight skills-building workshops preceded the 2010 PHASA conference and the key messages are presented here.

Update on the PHASA Special Interest Groups

This article reports on the meetings held by the Special Interest Groups during the 2010 conference.

Association of Schools of Public Health in Africa (ASPHA)

In October 2010 ASPHA – the Association of Schools of Public Health in Africa – was established.

Vacancy: Senior Epidemiologist

The School of Public Health at Wits University seeks candidates with excellent skills in epidemiology and biostatistics. Applications are invited.

IEA World Congress of epidemiology

The International Epidemiology Association (IEA) Conference will be held from 7-11 August 2011 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Conference impressions: Who? Why? What?

Who visited the 2010 conference, why, and what did they achieve there? Some impressions.

Introducing the new PHASA exec members

In the PHASA AGM during the 2010 conference, four news members were elected for the executive committee. They will introduce themselves to you.


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